Monday, November 14, 2011

MyBrainShark : Transform your static content into voice-enriched video presentations

This week tool is a very useful tool for teacher to integrate the teaching process with the use of ICT . It is common for teachers to use static contents such as PowerPoint presentation, documents, photos or video clips as the tool of teaching process. With the help of myBrainShark, teachers can easily add voice into their video presentations. The tool also benefits the learners in improving their communication and oral presentation skills. I will touch in deep of the advantages of this software tool as we proceed to the next paragraph. But first, let's watch the example of the use of myBrainShark tools. It is a slideshow of my self-introduction that I have prepared to test this tool.

Video presentations usually contain only short sentences and bullet points. Sometimes it is hard to understand some of of the bullet points if the slide's creator or presenter is absence. This is where mybrainshark can be utilized to add voice over in order to make the presentation of the content even more clear. Teachers, for example, can prepare a document such as PowerPoint and add whatever they want to clarify about the content and save the documents to be used later. Once the presentation is ready, it can be be shared via email or any social media. An embedded code is available so that you can also post it on your website or blogs for other people to view. The interesting part of embedding the document is it can be viewed anytime via your computer and even mobile phone! In this case, teachers can provide this tool so that learners can have their own learning process apart from learning in the classroom. Learners can view the video presentation at home as their further references. Even more, the audio will definitely helps them in understanding the content without the presence of the teacher.

Other than teachers, learners can also benefit from myBrainShark by using this tool to improve their speaking skills and become fluent in using English in the real world . Teachers could design an activity based on a specific topic for the learners to create their own documents or video presentations, and then insert their voice recording into the videos. The topic chosen can be variety or of the learners' particular interests so that they have some ideas of what they are going to speak. The advantage of using the voice recording is, learners can practice their speaking skills by narrating and elaborating the points in the slideshow. Teacher should encourage the learners to speak and use as much vocabulary as they can without paying too much attention to the language aspects as the main aim of the lesson is to enhance learners' fluency. For me, this is a very useful tools to practice speaking as well as presentation skills.

Some other good things about this software tool are it is user friendly and it is free to sign up and create account! When you upload a content and the voice recording, you can always go back to the video presentation and edit your works. You don't have to worry if you are not satisfy with the quality of your audio. Besides, you can even record your voice on your mobile phone and upload it into the slides. So you can record your voice anytime and anywhere when you have got the idea to say something and upload it later when you are ready to work out your video slides. Here I attached the links I've got from which can assist you on how to use myBrainShark software tools in more depth.

Hope you can benefit from this tools as much as I have!


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