Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just Click and You will Learn

is a website tool which is specially designated for Spanish learners to explore the use of English language through the didactic approach to teach lexical and grammatical contents as well as the cross-cultural issues. Even though it is designed for Spanish learners, the instructions and the activities are in English so everyone can use this website. Besides, the forms and the functions of English language are taught through a variety of fun and interesting activities and games that are clustered according to the different level of difficulties. In this case, the level of difficulties are arranged according to the Spanish system (degree of ESO & BAT). Below is the example of the different level of exercises.

By looking at the list of topics, it is easier for learners to choose which content they would like to tackle. I also recommend learners to go through the lists first rather than selecting the topic straight away from the 'home menu' because the introduction of the topic ( either vocabulary or grammar content) is in Spanish. This is one disadvantage of this tool that I found quite problematic because even though we can choose our level and topic, we don't know what are the grammatical content unless we click and go through the exercises. Thus, I suggest teachers to tell their learners to choose their topic preferences based on INDEX provided and it will be easier for them to select the activity from the menu. The INDEX is really helpful because it gives us the information about what are the level of difficulties, topic, functions and the activity we have to do.

The example of activity that I use here is focusing on 'descriptive adjectives' and 'introduction to the Present Continuous'. The topic content is about friends and learners are required to remember their names and their appearances in order to answer the questions. The first part of the activity, learners have to click or drag the correct adjectives to describe each character. The second part of the questions, learners are still required to match the correct adjectives but the use of Present Continuous is associated in the sentences.

Another disadvantage of this tool is you cannot jump or skip one question but you have to answer all the questions correctly before you can move to the next one. Therefore if you are unable to complete one section, you can never move to the next section. In case you want to go to the previous questions, there is a previous button but unfortunately you have to redo all the questions to get to the current question you are doing. The correct answers are not provided so it would be a little bit frustrating for the learners and might demotivate them.

I personally am not going to use this tool to teach English in the classroom, because of the limitations stated earlier, it might interrupt the teaching and learning process. However I suggest learners to go through the activities in this website as a supplement to their existing knowledge. Most of the activities require the learners to practise using the forms and functions repeatedly so they can practise their skills. In addition, some activities are provided with brief notes regarding the lexical and grammatical contents that can be useful for learners. Above all this, the website is absolutely free to access so learners can do the activities when they have free time.


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