Monday, October 17, 2011

Lyrics Training

Lyrics Training provides an easy and fun method to learn and improve language skills through the music videos and songs. It helps learners to learn language by practicing listening and writing (as well as spelling) skills. Learners can choose their favourite songs from a variety of music videos. While listening to the songs, the lyrics will appear at the bottom of the video with some words missing. To improve the listening skill and language, learners would have to fill in the blanks with the correct words.

This free website is suitable for all level of learners as early as eleven years old because learners can choose the difficulty at the very beginning of the practice to suit their level of English. For example, if beginner level is chosen, the missing words are ten percent of the song lyric while if the expert level is chosen, learners would have to type in all the lyrics.

The song will keep playing until it reach a blank and the song will pause to give time for the learner to fill in the blank. If the word is correct, the song will continue to play. While listening, learners can pause or replay the song for example to listen to the previous line. There is a 'help button' below the screen which can be useful for learners to complete the lyrics training.

When you managed to complete the lyrics, you will be given your score based on the count of right words you put in and the period of time that you consumed to complete the song. To make it more interesting, you can sign in to the website so that your score can be recorded and you can compete with other learners to be the high scorer. You can also post and share your score to facebook and twitter for your friends to see and join the competition.

The advantage of Lyrics Training is it is suitable for all level of English learners to practise and improve listening and spelling skills. This website can become a very useful tool of encouraging learners to learn the language on their own. They can do the practice at home or whenever they have free time. The use of songs in learning language is a very good approach. Learners especially the younger one can be motivated to learn from the new vocabulary to the sentence structure. The variety of songs selection gives the opportunity and freedom to the learners to choose their favourite songs for entertainment as well as enjoying the learning process.

However, this can also become a discouraging factor because learners might prefer to choose their favourite songs which they are familiar with. In that case, they can easily fill in the lyrics which they have memorized. There is a possibility that learners will not choose a song that they do not know because it might be out of their interest. Thus in my opinion, there is no point of practising the song we already know all the lyrics. To overcome this situation, teachers can carefully choose some songs which they think can entertain and draw learners' interest and introduce the songs for the learners to try.


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