Monday, October 17, 2011

Listen and Write

Listen and Write is another website which is designed to help learners of English improve their listening skills. It is different from other listening practice web which the learners practise to listen to the news. The topic and content of the news might vary according to learners' level of English. When we go to the website, learners can choose their levels and also the news they would like to practise with. They can play the audio and listen all audio at once before they start typing in what they have listened. The next stage, the audio is parted into several tracks so that learners can listen to one track and then write down the transcript before moving on to the next track until the end of the audio.

Here is the link which I get from the website, to demonstrate and explain how to use the website.

In my point of view, this tool is suitable for learners or beginners from the age of thirteen and above because news broadcasting is not an easy piece of listening materials. The news is authentic and the speaker use their own tone, voice and accent which might be difficult to understand. Other than that, the issue discussed in the news might be general and recent issues but younger learners might not aware of such content. Thus it is not giving such motivation to the younger learners.

Other than that, it promotes the use of multiple skills which are listening, writing and spelling at the same time which I think is quite hard for beginners to cope with. The news content also comes from various sources such as radio and bbc which might be easier for a more advance learners to understand. However the choice of topic is always updated and recent. This might motivate the learners to choose that particular topic to listen to the content while learning the language.

Because it is a free website, learners can do the practise at home and this will lead to autonomous learning which is an excellent way of learning English language. Another brilliant and interesting content of the website is learners can keep a record of their performance. This record can be used to evaluate their language performance and improvement from time to time. My advise, teachers should model to the learners of how to use the tools because it is not really user-friendly.


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